All out of words

You said that all I do is talk
I said I’m running out of words
I gave you a picture
I said it was a kiss

I knew the words were almost gone
So I kissed you and said I loved you
Every time I saw you
And you said you knew

I said the words are almost gone
You sat still in your faraway place
We came to the gate and I said
I love you, I’m sorry, let’s call it a day

You sent me a message about Saturday
So I came past and waited
There were shadows of words
But the space between us was endless

You asked about New Year’s
So I said come round at 3
You hid in silence
And I pretended to speak

The words turned ugly
You asked if you should leave
I said yes – please
Then you seemed to want something

But there was nothing
Just cursing
And a closing electric gate

I vomited words into cyberspace
You said take them off the internet
I did but the words had already escaped
Into the sad earless forest

You wanted to know
If I wanted to talk
I said no
I’ve run out of words

You wanted a wordy coffin
For our codependent cruelty
Or more nastiness
Which is softer than sadness

But I had no more words
To distract you
Just loving thoughts
And a cold and empty feeling

I will send loving thoughts and prayers for ever
But the talking is over
And in the endless silence
We will begin to heal


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