Game On (2015 Remix)

Strangely diabolical spiritual deflorations
On the table tonight you were a black rose
And the priests and the workers
Were pulling off your petals
Grinning like aged teachers
Or crying like frustrated psychic surgeons
Waiting to get to the heart of your matter

The poet is often sleepless
He meets the Game-master in the Lonely Lounge
And they discuss methods of deceit, sleight of soul
And their favorite conundrum
Sexualized endgame Zeppelin parties

The Dark Princess gets up early
And wearing her sleepy mask
Makes another move
In the game without a name

Just the other day I had a truly selfless thought
Please God just let her be happy
It was a warm fuzzy thought
That brought tears to my eyes

But just outside the temple
The cripples were doing their dance
And the liars and deniers were circling
Like vultures waiting to feed on their own corpse

The bed wetters turned on their electric blanket
Singing less said the better
And the game goes on and on and on

dark princess


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