WTF? No Big Bang?


I realise I have become old. Because I get irritated by how things keep changing. Get irritated that my 75 year old mother can work a smart phone and I can’t. Well of course I can – but don’t. On principle.

And now they go and change – well everything. It turns out that the whole scientific explanation of the beginning of the universe, and the middle and the end too, may have been just a tad off. Well why has no one ever thought of this before???

It’s all good and well if these youngsters want to invent an ever blossoming array of useless and indispensable gadgets. But no more Big Bang? And it’s not some arcane minor detail that the smart ones left out. They neglected to take quantum physics into account – just using General Relativity to work things out.

And if the new improved theory is correct it turns out that 95% of the universe may not be made up of dark matter and energy after all. Which is a relief because otherwise in means that everything we know about everything is in fact just everything we know about 5%. Whereas if the new ‘correction’ is correct we may know a lot more than we thought.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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