Just words

Drowning in nostalgia
On the chair in your cool room
You asked me how I feel
About the madness and the sadness
The cruel games and childish murders

I wasn’t sure
The cogs in my mind kept seizing
The closest I could get to it
Was remembering tripping and melting
Through layers of acid terror
Through layers of peace beyond
The mental chains
Wondering how to stop

You said that you were going away
Asked me how I felt about that
That didn’t seem right
To be leaving and asking
It is what it is I said

Lots of good folks talking about love
But what I hear is need
What I hear is fear and greed
A desire for salvation and escape
If love hurts so much
Perhaps it’s being done wrong

But who am I to say
I’m in love with escape too
I just prefer to find it
In a bottle or a pill

You said a process had begun
The demons might come a calling
And I would be alone

That’s okay
I’m alone
Even when we’re together
I get further away the closer you get

There is such a flood of emotion
But I’m okay with it
Going to turn it into words
Play toy soldiers with the words
Or just throw them casually
Into cyber space
To watch them sink or swim



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