Postmodern Blue (don’t hurt a bit)

You asked me if I feel empty
But that’s not quite it
I feel more unreal than empty
Or perhaps absent is the word

I can feel myself slowly but surely
Floating away
Detaching from the pain and fear
And the childish longing to belong

I can’t convince myself
That I’m solid
Hardly feel real
As if I’ve already left

It is as I said
Just words and biology
And even if you fill me
I’m as porous as a promise

I’m unable to hold onto anything
For longer than an instant
No longer able to create beauty
From a worn out ugly palette

Perhaps I’m neither empty nor absent
But rather altogether abstract
Devoid of connection
A victim of post modern relativism

But it was the holding on to fictions
That was hurting
And now that I’ve let go
I’m happy to say

It don’t hurt a bit



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