Be Kind

There’s lots of crazy shit going down. Something to do with having incarnated on a planet with a very troubled history. As a wise person once said – hurt people hurt people. And it all seems just so overwhelming sometimes. Is overwhelming sometimes.

But I do believe there is hope. Not hope for a political or technological solution but hope for the simple efficacy of good old fashioned good will and random acts of kindness. Faith can move mountains but can also sink entire civilizations – depends on what one has faith in.

Have faith in your ability to make a difference. No matter how small. Faith alone may not be enough but without it we’re all fucked. So do the world a favour and have faith in light and love and joy and kindness. Have faith in spite of yourself. If you can’t do it for yourself then do it for your friends or your family or your pets or the lesser spotted woodpecker (Dryobates minor).

So forget about all the worries and hopelessness for a while and, I challenge you, do at least one act of random unsolicited and unrewarded kindness everyday. It will change your life noticeably and immediately – I promise. It’ll change the world too. 🙂




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