Imaginary Conversations


Before the crash
It was the first time
Never finished house on the hill
Why did you have to go

You were in a coma for days
Said your arm was paralysed
Be careful Rubes
It’s ok I know what I’m doing

I understand better now I think
Something beyond equations
Of pleasure and pain
A readiness to leave


It’s hard to stop
What, you mean napping
No I mean stop ….. everything

We’re programmed to just carry on
I mean if I put it all into a computer and the computer says
Well says stop
Says does not compute
Well it’s still hard

Just to stop


You say it was wrong
For me to say that
About the cancer in the soul


Marcus counts to twelve
Using 2 imaginary fingers
I am called a tutor
His real fingers are tiny
I want him to be happy


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