Notes to Self

Caught in the clash between Dharma and Pharma. Probably a false dichotomy but in any case. What I need, to escape, is not a negation or the negation of the negation (or any other intradimensional translation).

I need an interdimensional translation. And my working metaphor, my box for the concept of an interdimensional translation is “i” – quite fortuitously which, being the square root of minus one …. which if we have, perhaps, SPACE as X and TIME as Y that would be Z.

Because we can’t easily conceptualize in more than 3D. and Z being, as has been worked out, and people are familiar with what’s known as the COMPLEX PLANE ie where the IMAGINARY meets the REAL (tips hat to Lacan – who may have done highschool maths)

I’m playing in the space between Matheme and Mathart – all nerds welcome

But moving on, with my usual manic savoir faire, id (sic) quickly like to consider ….

What is the whole human drama all about? A big one but fair one – cos without an answer we really just a little bit lost.

We are working memory for Logos
Which is The Server
aka God, Ground of Being, The Big Other

And fuck you Google for monetizing the game

dharma vs pharma


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