About me

I am very much a work in progress and don’t reduce well to a CV. But if you have taken the time to pop in I feel it fitting to share some basic information. Chronologically I am 46 but feel emotionally and mentally much younger. Spiritually I feel ancient – or, depending on the mushrooms, timeless.

I am a son and a friend and occasionally a lover. I do not foresee any fathering activities but like to think I am good at facilitating growth and learning of young minds instead. I spent about 7 years teaching English in Taiwan, China and at a language school in Cape Town and got to hang out with young people from all round the world. These were amazing and richly rewarding (not well paying) years.

Since then I have spent about five years in operations and financial management. I have discovered, much to my surprise, that I am very good at implementing and maintaining financial / operational systems. I have recently decided to pack that in and help my father with his business. He is a marketing genius and has made and lost fortunes several times over. I’m looking forward to being in the same city as my parents – something I have missed the past 6 years or so.

I love thinking, reading, talking, writing, photography, painting, music, psychology etc …. Love learning and experiencing anything that widens and deepens my experience on this planet.

I have recently become interested in matters of the spirit and intend to devote more time to meditation, yoga and learning about different cultures and their systems of thought, belief, life and worship.



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