A lot of good people
Pushing on through the rain
Painting whimsical rainbows
With impossible pain

Searching for salvation
Searching for love
Searching for a safe place to dream

A lot of bad people
Killing joy for money
Killing peace for kicks
Pissing on batteries in the name
Of righteous indignation

I got a whole suitcase full of madness
Demons and monsters instead of brain cells
I got more pain in my bugged out head
Than any one man should have to bear

But just for today
I’m going to get myself quietly shitfaced
And keep trying to devise
The spaced out alchemical algorithm

That will convert all this excess emotion
Small oil tankers of pain
Freight trains packed full of anger
Convert all this shit to Shinola
And keep polishing the blues



Mad about you

Faith begins where reason ends
Which sounds a bit like madness
But still I hold tight
To romantic dreams
And swim happily
In the sweet insanity
Of a childlike carefree love
Not trying to define it or explain it
Not trying to keep it or throw it quickly away
But just living for a while in the sad thrill of its grip